Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Mom, we are having a good morning!"

Mason and Koryn watching the popcorn in the popper!

This is the comment I got from Mason this morning as we were going through our morning routine. But, this morning must have been different from other mornings. Most of the time I end up constantly reminding Mason to get going or we are going to be late (I do this because I feel rushed and I feel I need to, but maybe if I would leave him alone it would get done anyway.) Yesterday morning was really bad. Koryn was whining the whole time and Mason seemed to just be bugging her constantly. I finally got upset and yelled at them in the car and said something to the effect of "Why do we always have to have a bad morning?!" So, as we were getting our coats on and bags ready this morning Mason looks up with a smile and says "Mom, we are having a good morning!" Kind of made me stop and think about how harsh I maybe sometime :S I might want to lighten up a little even if we are in a rush to get going!

I also had my 34 week check up yesterday. These last few appointments have been with the other doctors that work in the OBGYN office. I have to "meet" them just in case they would be the ones on call when I deliver. A routine exam showed me that the heartbeat is normal. However, when he went to measure the size of the baby, his eyes got a little big. The baby is supposed to measure the same amount of centimeters as you are weeks along. My little munchkin is measuring 37 centimeters instead of 34 like he should be! The doctor didn't seem to concerned he just made some general comments and said that this will probably be a large baby. I'm not too worried about it either. He is going to come when he comes and as long as he is healthy, I really don't care when that is. Yes, I am uncomfortable and it is starting to hurt when I walk, but I'm not getting all up tight about the deal. One thing that does surprise me is that my other children were fairly large when they were born, but I always measured exactly on according to weeks. It puzzles me a little, for all of you wondering there are NOT twins in there!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

31 Weeks...

and growing!! All is well in the little (or rather large as I see it) oven that is my belly. A routine checkup showed us that I was 31 weeks as of 3/10/11 and I am measuring 32 weeks. Heartbeat is normal and the little bugger continues to kick my insides around like he is on the best playground of his life!

Don't get me wrong, I do love being pregnant. It is an amazing thing and such a blessing. But, this pregnancy is proving to be a little more difficult than the previous two. Maybe this is partially because my attitude is not the best (I strongly believe in having a good attitude and that that will make all things better.) Simple tasks like picking up the book that fell on the floor on our way out the door are quite difficult! I also had to have my big helper zip up my boots for me this morning...ugh!

With all of this, I am ready for the baby to come, but also not ready. Why is it that one thing always depends on another thing? Our entry way that we built is not totally completed yet and this needs to get done in order for this kids' toys to be moved out there and then their room will be revamped with bunk beds and a new organizational closet (all of which I am VERY excited about.) All of this needs to get done before this little guy can enter the world. So, as I am uncomfortable and not sleeping well, I suppose he can wait just a while longer to enter this crazy world!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Koryn Lee

As everyone knows I love to take pictures. I have never done my own children's photos because I get lazy and caught up in other things that I never get them finished. However, this year I took little miss out to a pasture in her tutu and took some 1 year old pictures of her. Since she was 1 in September, and it is now March, you can probably see my point about not getting them finished! I finally sat down last night and messed around with a few of them. Her hair has gotten longer, she is bigger, but that same sweet smile and those happy eyes have not changed a bit!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

District time....

It is tournament time in the AAU wrestling world. We made the 1.5 hour trip on Saturday morning in time to weigh-in. Mason had been trying to watch what he ate the last couple of days of the week so that he could maybe wrestle the weight class below what he had been wrestling. He weighed in at 55.8 lbs so we had him run for a little bit to see if he could get the .8 off. Didn't work, and that was fine with us. However, he was a little bummed because the kid that has been beating him did drop a weight class, so they didn't have to wrestle each other. No reason for him to be bummed, right?! Well, Mason just really wanted to beat him so he was bummed that he wasn't going to get another shot at it.

He still had some tough competitors to go up against. A mother always wants to believe her child will do well, but sometimes you just never know. The rule is that the top 8 in the bracket move on to regions. So, I figured he would probably make it to regions. I wasn't prepared to actually have him wrestle the championship match!!! He did so well and we had to wait quite a long time for that championship match to come, as all of the other wrestle-backs needed to take place first.

Needless to say, we walked out with a 2nd place medal!! He did so well and will be seeded pretty good for regions that will be coming up this weekend!