Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Alright, the news is out! We told all of our family over the holiday, so it is safe to tell the rest of the world that we are expecting our third child!! We have known for quite a while now, as I am 20 weeks along already, but we kept it a secret until we could surprise everyone at Christmas. Initially, I had figured I would be due around the middle of June. So, keeping the secret until Christmas was no big deal. However, we had an ultrasound the beginning of November and the doctor told us to expect this little bugger by May 11th! We didn't want to change our previous plans of telling everyone at Christmas, so I just tried to hide the nausea, fatigue, and finally a little bump beginning to show as well as I could. We had our 20 week ultrasound the week before Christmas and I told Craig that it was a good thing we only had a week left until we told everyone because I was really having trouble finding clothes to wear that didn't make me show at least a little bit.
When I took this picture of the kids, I told big brother Mason that he needed to hold something for me, but he shouldn't look at it or ask me any questions. He was a trooper, but he did see through the back and he asked me if it was a baby. I told him that it wasn't and that he should not tell people that. FINALLY, on the 23rd, we started telling everyone. It was the greatest surprise EVER! No one was expecting it at all...so we achieved our goal in total surprise!
We are so excited, even though we are all going to be packed in a little house! We will figure it out, though and it will all be just fine!

Merry Christmas everyone from our growing family to yours!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random fun

As I said before, I thought that creating this blog would force me to take some more pictures of my little munchkins. So, here are a few randoms from the fun that goes on after all of us get home at night!
This picture is from quite a long time ago. This was on our way to Minnesota to celebrate Grandpa's birthday at a fun resort. Mason and his buddy Carrington shared a rather crowded backseat, but seemed to deal with it just fine. Sometimes these two fight like an old married couple, but the next minute Carrington will be following Mason around and looking at him like he is her hero! I love it!
It surprises me how young Mason looks in this picture even though it was only 8 months ago. Since then, he has lost 2 teeth and has a grown up look to him :( I miss my little baby boy!

This is a common site in our kitchen. Koryn loves to be right there as I am cooking or washing dishes. This is one of her favorite things to take out of the cupboard. She will either put it in front of her face and then laugh at herself looking through the holes, or she will put it on the top of her head and walk around like it is her hat!

She also carries a pair of Mason's swimming goggles around and continually tries to get them on her head, but eventually gives up. So, the other night I decided to put them on her and see what she thought. She thought it was pretty funny for a little while, but then wanted them off. I don't think she has carried them around since then!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Joining the blog scene

Ok, so I am usually not a person that likes to follow what others do. When the Harry Potter books came out, I swore I would not read them simply because that was what everybody was doing. Well, that lasted a few years and I finally gave in. I am a geek and it is my favorite book series! So, when my sister-in-law started blogging some years ago in order to keep in touch with family with what was going on with her girls, I also said that I was not going to do this. Since the day she started I have been following her blog and I enjoy reading about what is going on in their lives so much! Recently, a couple of others that I know have started these blogs and I decided that it might just be time for me to do the same. It may be hard to believe (since I am into photography and such) that I really don't take the time to take that many pictures of my kids. Whenever an event comes around I find myself without a camera in my hand because I want to simply enjoy what is going on rather than sit behind a camera. I have been regretting this quite a bit lately. Maybe posting a blog will help me to keep up with my pictures so that I can share them with everyone else!

So, here we go...

A week ago it was the annual Santa Night in Lake City. This small little community that we have become a part of in the 3 years since we moved back here has such a spirit. Granted, most of the events do take place at the local bar, but it is still awesome how much we try to do as a community. Anyway, Santa Night is one of those events. And let me tell you, it is no small crowd that congregates at the "muni" as we call it. The place is packed with people from 0-80, Santa comes, treats are handed out, prizes are won, what more could you ask for?? The kids enjoy this so much and the parents have a pretty good time too!

This is the picture from this year. Mason, of course sat on Santa's lap and proceeded to tell him that he wanted a snowmobile for Christmas. But, when it came to our sweet baby Koryn's turn, she took one look at Santa and started crying! So, Mom sat on Santa's lap with her and tried to coax her into at least looking at him, but she wanted nothing to do with it. Makes for an awfully cute picture though! Maybe next year she will be a little warmer to the man that her brother (at 7 years old) still believes is really Santa Clause.