Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Work out time

During wrestling season, we have started a routine of having Mason do sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping-jacks every night. He started out with I believe 25 of each and then it was supposed to go up by 5 each night. Well, this week we are preparing for districts so I guess Dad has decided to up the anty. Mason has been doing 25 more each night and as of last night he was up to 300 of each. I is alot, but he does very well with it and has a system down of doing them in sets of 25 each.
I have been trying to eat right and have begun somewhat of a work out routine for the past 4 weeks. The last couple of nights, I have decided to do Mason's work out with him. Don't get carried away, I have no been able to actually make it through his whole work out, but I have been trying. Last night I did 7 sets with him, but he is so fast that I only get 15 sit-ups done to his 25!! If you have ever been in our house, you know how tiny the living room is. Craig moved some furniture around the other day, but it pretty much just gave it a different layout and didn't actually provide any extra room. While Mason and I decided to get going on our work out, Craig was sitting on the couch (yes, just sitting there watching us and not participating!), Jarrik was crawling around trying to figure out what was going on, and Miss Koryn decided to join in!! This was alot of commotion going on in our small living room! Here is a video of Koryn's workout....

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mama Jones

Why is it that I still feel like I am in school every time I go to write a new blog post? I get very excited to update everyone on what has been going on with us, but then we I look at the post screen I get stuck on the title (which is what would always happen to me in high school and even in college.) This frustrates me to no end because I let it get to me and eventually navigate away from the page and forget about the post all together, hence the reason why I have not posted much lately!
Playing with Bubba's remote-control Monster truck only after he left the house and she got a chance to get to it!
Most of my posts seem to focus on mainly one child at a time. Mind you, this is not on purpose! It just so happens that when the majority of these things happen, it is while the other 2 are off making trouble, fighting with each other, or else out of the house for various reasons. The apple of her daddy's eye (sometimes maybe the thorn in his side) Koryn is at that age where almost every moment is worth a picture, video camera, or just simply writing it down to remember how cute or funny it was. She has a lingo all her own, I call it Koryn language, and she is pretty darn good at verbalizing anything and everything she might need.
The other day we were leaving day care and this is the conversation we had when walking to the car:
Koryn: That's Yanye's (Layne's) Daddy
Me: What's Layne's Daddy's name?
Koryn: Brian
Me: What's your daddy's name?
Koryn: Craig
Me: What's your mommy's name?
Koryn: Mama Jones!
I laughed out loud thinking how cute this was! I have never heard her say that to me before, so I have no clue where she got it, but I guess I have become Mama Jones somewhere along the way!

My little chef!
Koryn has always had a fascination with the moon. I don't know where this came from or how it started, but everytime we would get in the car at night, she would immediately ask where the moon was. She has now begun to ask where it is every time we go outside, day or night. So, I play along with her game and sometimes I make stories up. If it is the middle of the day I will tell her that the moon is sleeping or that he is hiding. The other day it was cloudy and she asked where it was so I told her that he was mad and didn't want to come out. She proceeded to talk about why he was mad quite a bit of the way home. Her daddy and her have some stories of their own about the moon. One night Craig brought her home and she came in the door spouting off something. I wasn't sure exactly what she was saying, so I asked her to repeat it. "My daddy's gonna rope the moon!" Yet another moment that I don't want to ever forget!