Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Old friends

January 23rd was our wrestling tournament in Britton. There was a pretty good turn out and it was nice to not have to travel and waste a whole day. Although, standing on my feet from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM in the concession stand was a little hard on this pregnant mama!

Mason had a great day and we even got to see some of our old friends. When Mason was in kindergarten, his friend Tyson was also in wrestling with him. Tyson was (and still is!) a very good wrestler and it was good for Mason to start out with him. However, the beginning of their 1st grade year, Tyson moved and Mason was left as one of the only boys in his class in wrestling. We saw Tyson at a couple of meets but always hoped they wouldn't have to wrestle each other as Tyson is a pretty tough little guy (and knows his stuff!) When we saw them on Sunday, it was great to get to talk a little bit, but I was definately relieved after Tyson weighed in and realized that he wouldn't be in Mason's weight class. Then, about a half hour later Craig came and told me that Mason and Tyson would be paired together. I was a little worred, and so was Mason! He knows how tough Tyson is.
Well, the first match started and Mason and Tyson were paired to wrestle each other. I know Mason is tough, but I didn't think he was that tough! He really held his own and there were a couple times I actually thought that he could have a chance at winning. He made it to the last period and Tyson ended up pinning him. It was a little hard for him to lose since he is used to winning lately. But, it was very good for him to get experience wrestling someone that gave him a little run for his money.

If you follow the above link, you can watch the video of the who match!

He ended up getting 2nd, so it was a great day!

This past weekend we went to Aberdeen for their tournament. We always hope that Mason will not get put into a 5-man bracket as this means that he will have to wrestle more and be more tired out, along with us being one of the last people to leave the tournament. So far, we haven't been so lucky. Oh well, chalk it up to more experience, right?!
He successfully pinned his first 3 kids. We thought the last kid wasn't going to be too tough, but he proved us wrong. Mason and he ended up going into sudden death overtime and Mason lost by 2 points. He was pretty bummed (as were Craig and I), but he did get 2nd place for the day, which we think is pretty darn good!

We also got a very pleasant surprise on Monday morning when we found out that he got a nice big picture in the sports section of the Aberdeen American News! We were definately proud parents and I think he was feeling pretty good about himself, even if he did lose the last match.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I have been kicking myself again lately for not taking pictures like I should. Hence, the lack of posts lately!
We have been VERY busy as the much awaited wrestling season has started! This is Mason's 3rd year of wrestling, and you can really tell that things are starting to kick in for him and make sense. In the previous years, he did awesome, but it seemed like he didn't really know what he was doing. He was in the learning stage and most of the time he just found himself to be a little tougher than the other kid and win the match. Well, this year is much different. As we drove to Clark on Saturday, these were his words to me,
"Mom, guess what move I am going to do first. I am going to put the kid in a head-lock and then trip him and then I'll pin him!"
He was so excited about this move and guess what, he did it all 3 matches and pinned all 3 kids!! It is amazing to see how all of that clicks in his head! Sometimes I think that I enjoy it even more than he does!

We also went to Aberdeen last weekend for the NSU tournament and he got 1st place there too! He had to be in a 5 man bracket, which means he had to wrestle 4 kids instead of the normal 3. He was pretty tired out, but did a great job!

You can tell that the pictures are not very good quality. I did remember my camera at the NSU tournament, but I haven't gotten the pictures off of the card yet. So, this second picture is from Craig's phone. However, I did forget my camera when we went to Clark this weekend, so the top picture is also from Craig's phone. I am so bad!!!